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Firm Profile

At JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc., our focus is helping clients grow their businesses and achieve their goals, with strategic planning and intelligent thinking. The firm offers a complete range of accounting, audit, business and management consulting services for businesses and high net worth individuals, including:

Accounting Services Audits, Reviews and Compilations of Financial Statements, Bookkeeping Services, Business Consulting, Business Succession Planning, Cash Flow and Budgeting Analysis, Debt and Financing Services, Employee Benefit Plans, Financial Planning, Implementation and Auditing, Estate and Trusts, Tax Preparation, Financial Forecasting, IRS Representation, Litigation Support, Payroll Services, Retirement Planning, Sales Tax Services, Tax Planning and Preparation Tax Services.

While there is no "typical" JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc. client, most of our businesses and professional practices fall into the $3 - $50 million annual sales range, with several business clients enjoying sales in excess of $100 million. We occasionally do work with fledgling start ups, when both parties agree that it would be a good fit.

Firm History

The firm was originally founded in the early 1970s by Bernard Chipetine, and was known as Bernard Chipetine & Company. Kenneth Neu joined the firm in the late 1980s and Jerry Silverman in the early 1990s. In February 2000, the firm became Chipetine Neu and Silverman. In 2010, the firm took its current name, JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc. The firm has retained most of its original clients throughout the years, and takes great pride in the relationships and trust that we have developed with our clients.

Practice Areas

Over the years, JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc. has developed several distinct practice areas, many of which may not seem related but upon closer inspection provide a great deal of synergy.

Real Estate

The real estate sector is a large part of our practice. JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc. works with many clients in the real estate arena, including real estate developers, property management firms, agents, mortgage brokers, lenders, architects, co-ops, and condominiums. Our positive and productive relationships with clients in this sector also brought JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc. to the attention of real estate attorneys and of course, contractors.


Our work in the healthcare field includes home health care companies, including several of the largest companies in this sector, retail and wholesale pharmacies, medical and dental practices and diagnostic centers includes all tax and financial accounting services, payroll, employee benefit plans and other accounting work relating to these businesses. Our extensive work with these clients evolved into a large construction accounting practice. As our doctors, dentists and specialty practices found their offices growing, they embarked on building new office space or purchasing real estate with an eye to development. This led to relationships with contractors focusing in the health care trades and other related businesses.

Financial Planning

We are able to offer financial planning and money management through our affiliation with Kuttin-Metis Wealth Management, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. To know how we may be of service, call our offices and make an appointment to meet with Jerry to further your financial goals.


For construction and real estate developers, general contractors and commercial contractor clients, our work includes a significant amount of transactional matters – assisting with obtaining and structuring financing – as well as the accounting services traditionally associated with the business of builders.

High Net Worth Individuals and Families

JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc. is known for our experience serving these high net worth individuals and families with concierge-style services, delivering unparalleled levels of personal service and financial management. This includes financial management, bookkeeping services, succession planning, income tax planning and preparation, insurance analysis and risk management and estate planning. Our integrated approach allows us to ensure that all facets of wealth management – investment, risk management, accounting, tax planning, philanthropic and entrepreneurial ventures - complement and support each other. JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc. works closely with multifamily offices (MFOs) and single-family offices (SFOs) to serve families that require a staff of dedicated wealth management experts.

Expatriate Taxes

JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc. has a unique practice area serving expatriates, who have special tax needs. Our clients include US nationals working overseas and foreign nationals working in the US. Both groups have a unique need for tax planning as it relates to the tax treaty of the country in which they retain citizenship or are employed. The nuances of many US visas and the use of various credits and exemptions from income create unique planning opportunities for this group of typically high net worth individuals.

Individual Tax Preparation

JG Silverman Advisory Group, Inc. also does tax preparation for individuals. We know that our office can provide a far superior simple tax return than the chain tax preparation offices that spring up every year during tax season. While this does not make up any significant part of our practice, it is something that we do offer for our clients living locally and those living across the country (from Florida to California.